Public Safety

Trusted connecting technology solutions relied upon by public safety and emergency services, for everything from life safety to mission critical communications - even in remote locations

When it’s a matter of life or death, communications are mission critical. Bluelight, amberlight and voluntary services depend on the ability to exchange information with speed, clarity, accuracy and auditability, in order to respond to and manage events in the field. Putting the safety of the general public first, is the number one priority for this industry. Confronted with spending cuts, the challenge for public safety organisations is how to utilise resources most efficiently, without sacrificing response times or jeopardising the quality of the services they deliver. 

Keeping the lines of communication open at all times, demands resilient and robust IT & communication systems. Coupled with a need to increase awareness of events within the vicinity of an incident, emergency and voluntary workers depend on the exchange of information in real-time.

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