Security & Public Venues

Robust connecting technology solutions are required to support the safety, security and management of large numbers of increasingly connected people

Improvements and digitisation of media standards and massive retail markets increase demand, complexity and opportunity across public venues. But, density and diversity brings about a plethora of technology challenges. At peak capacity public venues can hold thousands of people. Before, during and after events, organisers need to ensure that large crowds are safely moved to, around and from the event. Public venues are complex places typically dispersed across multiple sites, buildings, floors and communal areas.  With the potential for escalating tensions and crowd surges, the challenge for these centres is how to maintain crowd safety without impeding visitor experience. 

However, there are increasing commercial and retail opportunities to be exploited at these venues across the general public, as well as from the benefit of being a landlord or operator facilitating the convergence and flow of large numbers of people. The ability to exchange information clearly and in real-time is mission critical for this industry.  Irrespective of their venue position, stewards, organisers and related service companies rely on comprehensive service coverage and resilient technology solutions.

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