The multi-tenant nature of airports means that the fast and efficient flow of information, voice and data, is at the centre of achieving successful, safe and on-time operations – and these information flows need to deal with a wide variety of different environments. From refuelling areas to air traffic control, hospitality and duty free to security, airports require information at the point-of-need that can handle complex combinations of voice and data. Meanwhile, the demands for robust security and rapid incident response are changing and growing daily.

Affini’s consulting and delivery specialists help address today’s key airport challenges. These include: safety, cyber security, aircraft turn around, baggage solutions, noise compliance, IT architecture, catering, passenger loading, programme and project management. In addition, Affini has established a close liaison with the airport authorities to ensure compliance with any legislative requirements.

Affini’s experience and capabilities in design, maintenance and management is used by airport operators across the UK to realise integrated communications across multiple systems and user groups. Our phased approach considers the needs of all users and how airport geography will influence ICT architectures. Crucially, systems work together to provide a single platform and aid smooth passenger flow throughout the airport.

Affini goes beyond voice to offer M2M, GPS and telemetry services that monitor and automate responses to keep operators informed and able to measure performance across a range of processes. We can integrate digital radio with a range of other platforms and applications offering airport operators real-time, fully compliant ICT solutions.

Quick facts on Aviation


We own and operate 18 managed service networks at airports across the UK


We maintain approximately 11,000 end user devices


Managing over 1400 telematics devices across airports in the UK

Operating 24hrs

Operating 24 hours a day and 365 days a year

Our experience in the aviation sector

RF Wireless strategy

RF & Wireless Strategy Expertise

30+ years airport RF & Wireless strategy, design and implementation experience


Telemetry and Security Expertise

15+ years airport telemetry and security strategy, design and implementation experience


Baggage IT Architecture Expertise

30+ years Baggage IT architecture Experience

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Expertise

10 Years Airport Cyber Security Experience

IT Project Management

IT Project Management Expertise

30+ years Airport IT Project Management Experience

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