Infrastructure and Systems

Our solutions cover a wide range of requirements across voice and data infrastructures, seeking always to deliver robust, reliable communications in any setting and for any sector.

Our methodology delivers end-to-end approach, ensuring that every aspect of your communications platform, from original design through to ongoing support, is precisely tailored to your unique environment and business needs.

Our approach

Affini understands how all of the different parts of your infrastructure need to operate and be integrated. We can advise on best fit solutions whether small projects or more complex integration of various technologies. We provide expertise, guidance and knowledge of best practice in the industry and our involvement can be tailored to the level of support you require. Our expertise in digital transformation delivers tangible benefits to your business and means you will be positioned strategically for a fast-paced future.

Broad expertise

Affini is proud to have developed rich expertise across a range of industries and technologies. We are specialists in delivering mission-critical communications for sectors that cannot compromise on reliability, resilience and security. Meanwhile, our experience in developing campus solutions means that no matter what the complexity of your environment, we can develop an infrastructure to suit, and our vendor neutral approach means you can be confident of deploying the right technology for your organisation.


Our methodology is an end-to-end approach, which ensures that every aspect of your communications solution, from original design through to ongoing support, is precisely tailored to your unique environment.

Technical capabilities

Our technical expertise includes:

  • Capacity/propagation planning
  • Coverage prediction modelling
  • Hotspot maps
  • Configuration services
  • Confined space engineering
  • Antenna advice
  • High and low level design
  • Staging facilities
  • Delivery
  • FAT,SAT and UAT capability
  • Design capability including DAS
  • Interoperability services
  • Integration into LTE
  • Push to talk over cellular
  • Network planning

Professional Mobile Radio

Affini is able to develop bespoke professional mobile radio networks to suit a huge range of settings, indoor and outdoor, with reliability and full engineering support services. Our managed services approach means we can take ownership of any or all of the network design, deployment and ongoing operation.

Ground to Air Radio

Our ground to air solutions ensure absolute efficiency and audibility of communications between operators in different locations. Delivered via a managed services contract, we have a proven track record of installing, commissioning and maintaining ground to air communications compliant with CAA regulations.



Telematics is the process of sending behavioural information from remote assets to drive business decisions. Examples include the optimisation of fleets based on vehicle data, including emissions that can be monitored to improve the environment, fuel and maintenance savings. Fully customisable reports allow for both historical and real-time operational activities.

Push to talk over cellular

Push to talk over cellular

Push to talk over cellular is a simple function with a big impact. A cloud based, wireless communication technology which maintains a continuous, half-duplex connection within or between user groups, it means that every user can speak to others simply by pressing the push-to-talk (PTT) key on their device, which may be a regular cellular phone. There is no need to dial numbers or actively answer calls.

Dispatch Location Applications

Dispatch Applications

For any organisation operating radios, dispatch and location applications drive visibility and efficiency. Dispatchers are granted real-time visibility into each asset’s location, whilst operators gain the support of active rerouting where necessary. Our managed services approach means we can take care of every aspect of a dispatch and location solution.

Active and Passive DAS

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

In order to ensure coverage and capacity of RF and cellular signals, a mixture of components and distribution techniques are used. Whether passive, active, hybrid or newer intelligent idDAS, Affini can design, install and support tailored to your organisation's requirements.



Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) is a European standard for a trunked radio system, a professional mobile radio and two-way transceiver specification. It was originally designed for government agencies, emergency services, the military and transport industries – all sectors for whom reliability, security and clarity of communications are absolutely essential. Affini's expertise covers the design, installation and support of TETRA solutions.


WiFi, is the technology that allows a PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet device to connect at high speed to the internet without the need for a physical wired connection. We design, install and maintain WiFi solutions drawing on technology from a range of third-party suppliers, including Cisco, Aruba, Avaya and more.

RTUs and IoT Gateways

RTU's Sensors and IoT Gateways

The Internet of Things (IoT) era is enabling organisation to harness more data from across their infrastructures than ever before. Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and IoT gateways are the technologies your organisation needs to integrate physical devices or sensors throughout your infrastructure with digital analytics or control systems. Affini has the experience of improving business performance through the installation, maintenance and support of this technology.


Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a next-generation standard for telecommunications and takes users into the 4G era and beyond. It is also a registered trademark owned by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) – a body of which Affini is a proud member. Affini enables organisations to manage the current challenges associated with technology – from coverage, to cost, to supplier restrictions – so that they are ready to face a future in which LTE is the dominant communications standard.

Case Studies

Radio extension service for Clackmannanshire council

Read how Affini installed a flexible, cost-effective and high bandwidth solution across the heart of Scotland.

Stagecoach replaces legacy analogue radio system with new DMR

Read how Affini replaced a legacy analogue radio system with a new DMR solution for Stagecoach.

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