Push to talk over cellular

Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) networks are the next generation in critical communications technology, utilising both public mobile networks and private Wi-Fi to provide widespread, reliable, secure broadband communication for mission-critical applications.

Seriously Connected with Radius

Radius is Affini’s cloud-based wide-area wireless communications solution. Operating on a user-based subscription model, Radius requires minimal capital investment and can be rapidly deployed, whatever the size of your business, wherever your workforce is located, and whenever you need it. The solution provides mission-critical push to talk over cellular (PoC) and much more.

Affini’s Radius platform supports mission-critical features such as group calling/ messaging, GPS location services plus much more including data and video, supporting a wide range of extended use cases.


Organisation-Wide Communication

Radius operates on a managed service model, which means no additional infrastructure costs for on-demand scalability. It connects into existing PMR networks via gateways and offers a full set of mission-critical features including geofencing, lone worker, and emergency calling. You will never be tied into any one MNO and you will have full end-to-end encrypted security.

Altogether Better Connected

Radius operates on any 3G/4G/ LTE network with full backward compatibility with existing PMR via IP and radio gateways. It can maintain coverage in the most hostile environments for continuous communication wherever you need it. Not only does the platform work on ruggedised handheld devices, but it is also available on smartphones for a truly integrated BYOD (bring your own device) experience with end-to-end security.

Trust the Mission-Critical Expert

Affini looks after mission critical communications for the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) including the UK’s airports, so we are well placed to not only plan, commission and maintain your next generation PoC network - we are also able to ensure continuity as you transition from PMR radio to PoC.

     Radius is designed to excel in a number of scenarios:


Expanding Coverage and Features

For organisations that have outgrown existing PMR radio, or find the radio infrastructure expansion prohibitively expensive and does not provide the in-building or wide area coverage they need.

Wide Area Networking

In locations where critical communications need to reach beyond the boundaries of the site such as in universities, mining, airports, railway stations, construction, and more.

The Power of Applications

Management, front and back-office staff are all connected on devices specific to their function. Management has all the information they need, when they need it, including access to the radio network via smartphones and tablets.

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate with Radius

We offer a range of dedicated PoC handhelds with physical push to talk (PTT) buttons and smartphone devices capable of carrying out:

·        Individual and group calling

·     Individual and group messaging

·       Video messaging

·       GPS and real-time location tracking

·       Location and voice recording

·    Historial mapping

·     AES 256 Encrypted voice calls

·       Radio system integration

·       Fully featured dispatcher applications 

RugGear RG655

• 13+8 mega-pixel camera • 95dB powerful speaker • 4200 mAh battery • Surpasses MIL-STD-810G environment rating

RugGear RG725

• Winner of 2019 Design Award with PTT users in mind • Large PTT button and dialer • Advanced smart audio tech • 4 LED super bright torch • 5000 mAh battery • MIL-STD-810G and IP68 environment rating


• 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connectivity • 4 inch colour touchscreen • GPS and Bluetooth • 1GB RAM, HD 2 megapixel camera and2 watt speaker • USB and RJ45 interfaces • Android 7.0 OS • Dedicated map and SOS emergency button


• Remote Bluetooth PTT button • Bluetooth remote speaker microphone • Wired microphone

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